Can I Use a Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner If I Have Curly Hair?


Curly hair needs a lot of love and care to grow and flourish. And a big part of that care means using the right hair products on a regular basis. Leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner are two of the main products curly-haired folks have questions about. They often ask, “Can I use a leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner if I have curly hair?” We’ll give you the answer you need in this article.  

You Can Use Both a Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner on Curls

Without a doubt, you can use both a leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner on curls. In fact, you may find that the health of your curls depends on you doing so. Curls are the driest and most fragile of all hair types. For this reason, they need a lot of topical moisture and nourishment, which you’ll provide with your leave-in and deep conditioner.

Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner Do Different Things for Curls

Most of the time, you won’t have any trouble using a leave-in and deep conditioner on your curly hair. And the reason behind this is that these two products do different things for curls.

Leave-in conditioner is a spray or cream product designed to give the hair light to moderate moisture and nourishment. It is usually used after your shampooing and conditioning routine or whenever your curls are dry or need a refresh.

On the other hand, deep conditioner is a super conditioning cream formulated to moisturize, heal, and repair dry or damaged curls. You’ll use it right after shampooing (in place of your regular conditioner). Most people use their deep conditioner 1 to 4 times a month.

You Can Use Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner on the Same Day

You can use your leave-in and deep conditioner simultaneously. Doing so could give you healthier, better-hydrated hair that reacts better to styling. Here’s the process you’ll go through if you plan on using both products on the same day:

  1. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Don’t condition it with your regular conditioner.

  2. Apply your deep conditioner to your hair and wait for it to process. Detangle your curls while the product is processing. Rinse it out.

  3. Apply your leave-in conditioner to your hair and proceed with the rest of your hair care and styling routine.

When Not to Use Both Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner

The only time you won’t use both leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner is when your curls don’t need it. Though curls are often expected to be dry and difficult to manage, you should only give your hair what it needs. And if it’s already moisturized and behaving, there’s no need to double up on these products. In such cases, you might opt to shampoo, condition (with your regular conditioner), and then follow that up with your leave-in conditioner.

So, there you have it - you can apply leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner to your curls. If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to check out Daily Dose, a top leave-in conditioner that reduces frizz, increases moisture, defines curls, and more. We hope you found all the information you were looking for, and we wish you the best with your hair.


Author: Andrea Reyes

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