How To Use a Hair Mask Cream

Hair mask creams are nutrient-packed deep conditioners that do wonders for dry and damaged hair. If you’ve been thinking about incorporating a hair mask cream into your regimen but don’t know where to start, this article is for you! In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to use a hair mask cream to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. 

The Easiest Way to Use a Hair Mask Cream

The quickest and easiest way to use a hair mask cream is to put it on in the shower and let it process while you’re washing off your body. Here are the steps to follow to use a hair mask cream: 

  1. Get into the shower and shampoo your hair. When using a hair mask, it’s always a good idea to start with clean, damp hair. That way, the hair mask will be able to penetrate the hair cuticle and get into the deeper layers of the hair. This is the key to a good hair mask conditioning session. 
  2. Use your hands to gently squeeze the excess water from your hair. If you don’t, the hair mask cream will run off your hair as the water drips downward. Your hair shouldn’t be wet - it should be damp. 
  3. Separate your hair into workable sections. For most, 2 to 6 sections works well. If your hair is fine, go with 2 to 4 sections. If your hair is thick, go with 4 to 6 sections. The goal is to make it easy to get the hair mask cream all over your hair. If you don’t separate your hair, you’re almost guaranteed to miss some areas. 
  4. Begin applying the mask. Starting with one of your sections, apply the hair mask cream starting at the ends of your hair. After saturating the ends, gradually move upward to the mid-lengths. Don’t apply the hair mask to your roots if you have issues maintaining volume in the crown of your head. Otherwise, apply it to the roots of your hair. 
  5. Comb the mask through your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  6. Wait while the hair mask does its work. The hair mask cream will need some time to penetrate and moisturize your hair. So, give it around 5 to 10 minutes to sit. If the instructions on your hair mask cream differ from ours, go with those instructions. If you want, you can let your shower run hot so that it’ll produce steam. The moist heat will open up your hair cuticles further. 
  7. When time is up, rinse out the hair mask cream. Take your time and rinse out all traces of the cream. It’s best not to leave the hair mask in your hair, as some of the ingredients in the product can cause hair issues after prolonged exposure. 

To maximize your hair mask cream session, put on a shower cap while you’re in the shower. It’ll enhance the absorption of the hair mask. 

How Often to Use a Hair Mask Cream

Use your hair mask anywhere from twice a week to once a month. If your hair is in relatively good condition, you may only need to use your hair mask once or twice a month. But if your hair is damaged or dry, you’ll need to use it more often - think once or twice a week. 

The steps outlined in this article will ensure that you have a successful deep conditioning session every time. We wish you the best as you take steps to better care for your hair.


Author: Andrea Reyes

Andrea is a mother, wife, writer, and natural hair enthusiast of 15 years. Currently on her natural hair journey, she’s been trying countless products and techniques to understand and embrace her natural hair. She is the creator of, a new website featuring informative articles that share tips, tricks, and techniques aimed to help others learn to love their hair through proper hair care. She writes with the hope of making hair care easier to understand and implement.