5 Overnight Hair Glow Up Tips


Want to transform your hair overnight? You can do that, but only if you take the right steps. Overnight hair glow ups are entirely possible for those who are willing to put in the work. If you are, keep on reading! In this article, we’ll share 5 overnight hair glow up tips to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

  1. Switch Out Your Towel

Do you normally use a big, fluffy terry cloth towel after washing your hair? If so, that towel could be holding you back from your hair glow up. The main problem with these towels is that they aren’t the gentlest things in the world. They can do the following to stall your glow up progress: 

  • Snag and break strands.

  • Rub up against your strands and wear away at your hair’s structure. 

  • Dry your hair out by absorbing the moisture from your conditioner.

  • Contribute to the development of frizz. 

Instead of using your usual towel, opt for a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Both of these alternatives are much gentler than your typical towel. They won’t cause your hair to frizz up and will leave behind more moisture. 

  1. Do a Heavy-Duty Deep Conditioning Treatment

If your hair is damaged, dry, or otherwise compromised, a heavy-duty deep conditioning treatment could be the glow up fuel you need. The right deep conditioner can heal your hair from the inside out, giving you a smoother, shinier, more beautiful mane. 

When we say heavy-duty, we’re not only referring to the type of deep conditioner you use but also how you use it. Instead of just throwing the deep conditioner on your hair and waiting for the instructed time, boost the treatment’s effectiveness by putting on a plastic conditioning cap and sitting under a hooded dryer for about a half hour. Doing so will open up your hair cuticles and increase the effectiveness of your treatment. 

  1. Apply Some Dry Shampoo Before Bed

If you have straight or slightly wavy hair and want to ensure that your hair looks amazing when you wake up, one of the best things you can do is apply some dry shampoo to your roots before bed. Doing so will help soak up excess grease and oils, giving you light, airy hair by morning. 

  1. Braid Your Hair Before Bed 

Sometimes, all you need for a proper glow up is a few braids. By morning, you’ll have beautiful crimps or curls that demand stares. If you’ve never braided your hair before, we recommend searching up a few YouTube tutorials before trying things out on your own. The bigger your braids are, the looser your waves or curls will be. 

  1. Use a Leave-in

Are you a leave-in newbie? Then let us enlighten you. Leave-in conditioner is a multi-purpose hair savior that can transform dull, dusty, frizzy hair into a much more gorgeous version of itself. But not just any leave-in will give you the results you’re looking for. You need a leave-in with thoughtful ingredients (fatty alcohols, hydrators, protective silicones, and more) to give you instant results. 

No matter when you apply it, you’ll enjoy quick results. But if you want overnight results, apply the leave-in before bed and allow your mane to dry before sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase or with a bonnet/scarf) and you’ll be delighted at how luscious and beautiful your hair looks in the morning.

So, there you have it - everything you need to know to achieve an overnight glow up. By far, one of the quickest ways to get an overnight hair glow up is to use a leave-in. If you don’t already have one that works wonders on your hair, consider Daily Dose. We hope you found all the information you were looking for, and we wish you the best with your hair. 


Author: Andrea Reyes

Andrea is a mother, wife, writer, and natural hair enthusiast of 15 years. Currently on her natural hair journey, she’s been trying countless products and techniques to understand and embrace her natural hair. She is the creator of NaturallyTextured.com, a new website featuring informative articles that share tips, tricks, and techniques aimed to help others learn to love their hair through proper hair care. She writes with the hope of making hair care easier to understand and implement.



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