Coronavirus and Your Hair: What You Need to Know


Right now is an unprecedented time for everyone. From business and school closures to self-isolation, there are lots of questions the world doesn’t have the answers to yet. And who knows what life is going to be like down the road. Our daily lives have been completely disrupted. New guidelines are being presented every day. We all need to do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy in order to avoid putting others at risk. 

Can Coronavirus Live on Your Hair?  

There are various studies being published everyday with statistics and facts about the coronavirus. Because this is a new virus, doctors and researchers are working diligently to provide as much information as possible. 

What the CDC and other medical studies know so far is that just like any other virus which thrives on nonporous surfaces like doorknobs and handles, depending on the type of surface and the temperature. Unlike the flu and other viruses, the coronavirus has a longer “shelf-life” and can live on surfaces for a longer period of time. As a respiratory virus, Cornonavirus spreads very easily from person to person.

Hair Care During the Coronavirus

While the primary transmission of coronavirus is not through hair, viruses can live on surfaces and then spread when someone touches the surface and then touches their mouth, eyes, or nose or another surface. 

During this time, try to keep your hair out of your face. If you do go out, wash your hair, body, and clothes immediately. Washing your hair everyday may cause hair to become dry. Make sure you are giving it the moisture is needs by using Daily Dose.

When washing your hair and showering though, don’t share or resuse towels. Even though the fabric is a non-porous surface, germs can still harbor within the fiber, even if it is for just a short amount of time. 

But if you haven’t left home, you are good to go and can continue with your normal hair care routine.

Self-Care While Staying At Home

Don’t snuggle up on the couch and eat all of your snacks in one day. Use this time to your advantage. Tackle projects you keep putting off and do some self-care. Clean out your make-up drawer and wash make-up brushes. Go through all of your hair and bath products and throw the expired ones away. Organize your jewelry box, closet, and shoes.

It’s the perfect time to deep condition your hair or give yourself a manicure and pedicure while wearing a facial mask.

Another way to help pass the time is to explore new hair styles. Pinterest and YouTube have a plethora of video and picture tutorials that show you how to pin an updo or how to curl your hair with no heat. But don’t let this be the time you start exploring with at-home hair color, especially if it is your first time. If you mess that up, you might have to own it for a while. Some things are better left to the professionals.

Stay positive. We are all in this together.

Author: Jessica Biggs

Jessica is a wife, mother, teacher, writer, and marketer. Like a moth to a flame, she is drawn to all things pretty, sparkly, and shiny and believes there is no such thing as natural beauty. When she is not working, in her spare time she dreams of the day where all she has to do is lay on a beach somewhere and endless frozen concoctions with little pink umbrellas are served to her on a silver platter. Until then, she will just settle for summers in the backyard. You can follow her on twitter @jessbiggs11 or Facebook @jessicadillardbiggs

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