Does Leave-In Conditioner Help With Frizz?

If you’re like most of us, odds are you jump at the latest product, promising to tame that stubborn frizz. But much to your dismay, you barely notice an improvement, if any at all!

With unpredictable weather from coast to coast and seasonal transitions (hello spring!) your hair is probably thinking, what the heck is going on–and begging for some relief! The one tried and true solution you can always count on is a good leave-in conditioner.

Benefits of leave-in conditioner
There really is no reason not to use a leave-in conditioner, but here are a few that will surely convince you:

  • Restores moisture, prevents breakage and split ends, which improves your hair’s overall health
  • Protects hair from outside elements such as sun exposure, chlorine in pools, air pollution, and humidity
  • Improves color treated hair by refreshing and brightening it up in between dying processes, as well as keeping your strands strong despite harsh chemicals
  • Helps soften and detangle knots, no matter how fine, coarse or curly your mane is, you will be able to easily run your fingers through it
  • Able to reverse heat damaged and over processed hair by restoring nutrients, coating each strand, and locking in the necessary moisture

How to use a leave-in conditioner
It’s super easy to do and can be applied as often as you need it. After showering, apply to towel dried hair. I recommend using Daily Dose Leave-In Conditioner because it has an easy to use one hand pump sprayer that lets you control how much you add. You will want to spray a little more heavily for thick or coarse hair and apply a lighter spray for wavy or fine hair. Daily Dose gives you the look and feel you want without using harsh chemicals, and gives you immediate results!

Divide hair in sections then focus on your mid strands down to the ends and gently comb through using a wide comb or brush. Finish with your favorite styling products then allow hair air dry or blow dry as usual. Simple as that!

Why does leave-in conditioner help with frizz?
Frizz is caused by broken strands and split ends. Leave-in conditioners help to detangle knots which then prevents breakage and eliminates frizz. No matter where you live in the country, chances are you have witnessed unseasonable climate changes over the last several months and have had to deal with your share of frizz. By restoring and locking in moisture in the hair shaft, a leave-in conditioner will add shine and smooth your frizzy locks in even the worst humidity, and also prevent static and tame flyaways in the dry winter months.

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