Four (4) Types of Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioner is every girl's best friend. Good conditioners literally do everything:

  • Detangle hair and make it easy to brush
  • Add moisture to hair and make hair feel soft and smooth
  • Add shine and helps your hair stay healthy and beautiful.

Some conditioners like our Daily Dose leave-in conditioner even helps strengthen fried strands and prevent future heat damage. The beauty of conditioners is that there's one for every hair type. Even if you have super fine hair, there's a conditioner out there for you. I like to think of conditioners as God's special gift to humans, like Beyoncé. However, there are different types of hair conditioners and it is important to know the best one for your hair type and specific needs. You can choose according to your hair type for example, kinky natural hair is best protected with a deep hydrating conditioner like our Daily Dose Leave In Conditioner. You can also choose by the health of the hair, for example, damage repair conditioner is also essential if your hair is dry and damaged or prone to damage. (p.s. our Daily Dose Leave In Conditioner also repairs damaged hair). It should also be noted that your hair cannot get used to a conditioner. If your conditioner no longer works for you, you might have to switch brands.

Different Types of Hair Conditioners

1. Rinse-Out Conditioner

Rinse-Out conditioners (rinse through conditioner) are the most common type of conditioner. For this type of conditioner, you don't have to leave it in your hair for a long period of time, and the effects are usually instant. Use it by applying a sufficient amount to damp hair, then leave it in for at least three (3) minutes. It is the most common type of conditioner for all hair types. Rinse-Out conditioners work by closing the cuticle scales of the hair. Some of them coat the hair in a thin film to fill in some of the gaps in the broken scales so the hair becomes more shiny and manageable. The best ones are acid based. 

2. Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners are normally for damaged and dry hair. As the name suggests, they provide a deeper conditioning compared to other conditioners. The ingredients in deep conditioners are understandably less harsh than other conditioners and are meant to combat dry and damaged hair. They are also sometimes used for reconditioning hair. It is important to note that deep conditioners might not be ideal for normal hair as they may weigh them down since they are not meant for normal use. Deep conditioning hair is also a long and tedious task. Apply the deep conditioner to your hair and leave it for 30 - 40 minutes before rinsing it off.

3. Hair Masks

Hair masks are best suited for deeply penetrating root hairs. They instantly make your hair shiny and radiant and should be used on average two times per week. Hair masks are made with a concentrated formula that provides the hair with much needed nourishment. They have the most long lasting results. Normally, anyone can use a hair mask regardless of hair type but they are pricier than alternatives. Apply by leaving it in hair for 15 - 20 minutes before washing off.

4. Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In conditioners like Daily Dose contains moisturizing and protective ingredients and can be sprayed or applied directly to hair. They are the best type of conditioner for kinky African natural hair and can also be used in place of a detangler. They are also useful in preventing hair from drying out. They are lighter and thinner than other conditioners so they are not as heavy. They can be used as a moisturizer or styling product and are suitable for all hair types.

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