Hair Color Trends for Each Hair Type

2021 is full of changes, bringing us back to the lives we knew before the pandemic. It's only natural that you're craving something bold and new and searching for ways to take your hair color up a notch. Instead of browsing images for hours, check out these hair color trends for all hair types.  

Type 1 (Straight) Hair Color Trends

type 1

Type 1 hair is straight, sleek, and falls close to the face. Some love their natural hair hue, while others prefer tresses with body and volume. Hair color can work wonders for type 1 hair, giving it volume and dimension.
Balayage hair color creates a 3D effect that plays with the eyes. To do the balayage technique, colorists strategically place several shades of hair color to the hair to create the illusion of volume and movement.
Face Framing Highlights
For straight hair, face-framing highlights work wonders. They draw attention and light to the face to brighten up the eyes and define the features.

Type 2 (Wavy) Hair Color Trends

type 2

Wavy hair is already gorgeous, but you can add a little extra something to your wavy tresses with a new hair color. Check out a couple of awesome wavy hair color trends below!
Pop of Color
Take your wavy hair up a notch with a vibrant pop of color. Colors like fire-engine red, cool blue, and royal purple frequently appear on runways, in magazines, and all over social media outlets. If you want the look, go for streaks or a fun money piece.
Ombre hair color looks great on every hair texture, but it pairs particularly well with waves. The best part about ombre hair is that it looks great on everyone.

Type 3 (Curly) Hair Color Trends

type 3

Curly hair already has a ton of dimension, but adding color can enhance it beautifully. The below hair color trends will help you explore the beauty of your curly strands.
Honey Tones
Honey-colored hair complements all skin tones. It enhances your hair's warmth, making your curls look healthier.
Dusty Pink
Curly hair looks great on its own, but it looks a lot more exciting when paired with a bold color like dusty pink. If you want to try the trend, we recommend going to a professional colorist, as they can transform your hair with minimal damage.

Type 4 (Kinky) Hair Color Trends

type 4

When it comes to kinky hair, bold colors reign supreme.
Blonde and Brown Combo
Kinky strands look great in a blonde and brown hair color combo. The light and dark hues combine to catch the light just right.
Red Hues
Red is a super-hot color for 2021, as bolder is better! Red hues act as statements of individuality for kinky-haired beauties.  
No matter your hair type, there's a color trend for you. We are in the era of taking risks and going all out, especially after a year locked inside. We encourage you to set your hair free and have fun with a new and exciting hair color.


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