Hairstyles for Women with Glasses

Contrary to popular belief, glasses don’t have to make you less attractive. They give off an aura of sophistication that’s impossible to ignore. You can wear glasses and turn heads with the right style, and that’s why we’re here. This article will inform you of several hairstyles that are perfect for women with glasses.

Long and Sleek with Layers

Long and Sleek with Layers

Long tresses pair perfectly with glasses, as you can see in the image above. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or a trip to the grocery store, you’ll command attention. To do this style at home, you’ll need some hair-cutting shears to create the layers, and a flat iron to get your hair straight and sleek. If you know your way around a pair of hair scissors, go wild – but if you are inexperienced, we recommend going to a professional hairstylist.
To bring extra dimension to your layers, add blonde, caramel, or brown highlights.

Curly and Voluminous

Curly and Voluminous

Curly hair looks lovely on women with glasses – there’s no question about it! If your hair is already curly, just apply some moisturizer, a leave-in conditioner, and styling cream. Then allow your hair to air dry. If your hair is naturally straight, you can use rollers, straws, or other curl-setting methods to create voluminous, bouncy curls to wear with your glasses. To preserve the health of your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant cream or spray before applying heat to your hair.

Slicked to the Back 

slicked to the back

A slicked-back style is perfect for women who wear glasses. It puts total emphasis on your facial features and your glasses. If you love your glasses and want to show them off, slick your hair back with a holding product and a boar bristle brush.
Tip: If you wear your hair slicked back often, make sure that you don’t apply too much product at once. Also, if you notice buildup at your roots or throughout your hair, a clarifying shampoo can get rid of it quickly and easily.



You may have heard that glasses and bangs are a “no-no,” but as you can tell from the above picture, bangs can look great with glasses. There are tons of bang types to choose from, including wispy bangs, curtain bangs, blunt bangs, and tapered bangs. To find the right bangs for you, the key is to experiment with different bang types and glasses.
We don’t recommend cutting your hair repeatedly to try different looks – you can buy different types of hairpieces to see how they will look with your glasses. Once you’ve chosen your look, grab your hair scissors and get to chopping!
Glasses don’t have to put a damper on your hairstyle possibilities. They can enhance your look, giving you newfound sophistication and the ability to pull off a wide range of looks. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve gathered some style ideas that’ll enable you to rock your glasses with confidence!
Author: Andrea Reyes

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