How Many Times Should I Use a Leave-in Conditioner?

Learning how to use a leave-in conditioner is one of the best things you can do for your hair regimen. The product isn’t going to perform at its full potential if you don’t use it often enough and using it too much can be a problem as well. But here’s where things get a little confusing - the number of times you should use a leave-in conditioner will depend on your natural hair and your hair routine. 

Use a Leave-in Conditioner Every Time You Wash Your Hair

At a minimum, you can use your leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair. The product is the perfect accompaniment to your shampoo and conditioner, coming right after your regular conditioner. After the shampooing and conditioning process, your leave-in conditioner will not only moisturize and condition your hair, but it may also seal in the greatness from the rinse-out conditioner you applied previously. 

The best thing about applying your leave-in conditioner once a week is that you won’t have to worry about buildup in most cases. It’s when you apply it multiple times in between washes that the buildup risk begins to climb. 

You can Use Your Leave-in Multiple Times a Week 

You may want to apply your leave-in more often than once a week, and that’s okay so long as you’re monitoring your hair and scalp for buildup. If you notice white flecks or specks in your hair or a dusty cast on your scalp, you may have buildup. To get rid of buildup from the leave-in conditioner, you can use your regular shampoo or a clarifying shampoo. Use the clarifying shampoo if your regular shampoo doesn’t seem to cut through the gunk. 

If you’re not mindful of buildup, it could quickly become much more than a nuisance. With buildup coating your hair, your hair products won’t work like they normally would - they won’t be able to get to the surface of your hair - they’ll just sit on top of the buildup. Since your hair products won’t be able to penetrate your hair, your hair may quickly dry out, and you won’t be able to hydrate it topically. So, it’s important to keep track of buildup and keep it under control. 

Consider Your Hair Type When Determining Your Ideal Leave-in Conditioner Routine

When you use your leave-in conditioner too often, you could quickly develop an oily scalp or excessive oiliness down your hair shaft. On the other hand, if you don’t use the leave-in conditioner often enough, you may not be able to achieve your unique hair goals. So, it’s important to experiment with several leave-in conditioner frequencies to see which one works best for your hair and when. There will be times during the year when you’ll need to use your leave-in more or less often; people may use it more often in the winter months and less in the summer months, for example. 

So, there you have it - everything you need to know about how many times you can use your leave-in conditioner. We hope you found all the information you were looking for, and we wish you the best with your hair! 




Author: Andrea Reyes

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