How to Add Volume to Type 1 (Straight) Hair

Type 1 hair can be a pain to style any other way but straight. Curls often fall, and volume is non-existent, making it difficult to switch up your hair game. If you've got type 1 hair in need of volume, follow along for some no-fail tips.

What is Type 1 Hair?

Type 1 hair is straight, with no visible waves or curls. There are three subtypes of type 1 hair:

  • Type 1a: Fine hair that's super soft and unable to hold a curl.
  • Type 1b: Medium textured hair that is a breeze to style.
  • Type 1c: Very coarse hair that's rough to the touch and difficult to style.

Add Volume to Your Type 1 Hair

No matter what hair subtype you have, there are ways that you can add volume to type 1 hair, and we'll tell you how in the following sections.

Get a Layered Haircut

Your haircut can make a huge difference in how your hair lays, regardless of your hair type. Because type 1 hair often lacks body, it's best to choose a haircut that has layers. Layers not only give the illusion of volume but also add movement to the hair.

Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

How you style your hair directly affects your hair's volume. When used strategically, your blow dryer can create a ton of volume in your type 1 hair. After washing your hair, you can flip your head over and blow-dry your hair upside down. In doing this, you'll direct your roots upward and increase your hair's volume.

Tease Your Hair

Teasing hair is one of the best ways to add volume to limp hair. But if it's done improperly, it can have negative consequences, including tangles, knots, or even breakage at the roots. To tease your hair properly, do the following:

  • Begin with a small section of hair.
  • Spray the section with a holding spray.
  • Begin backcombing your hair with a teasing brush or comb starting at the root, using short strokes to minimize breakage.
  • Repeat the above steps wherever you want volume.

Use Rollers Overnight

Often, curls are a go-to style for anyone in need of volume. Unfortunately, type 1 hair may be hard to curl using conventional methods, like a curling iron or round brush. One of the best ways to add volume to type 1 hair is by using sponge rollers. Spray your damp hair with a styling spray or apply your favorite styling gel, put on the rollers, and then leave them in overnight. When you take them out in the morning, you'll be greeted by voluminous locks.

Play with Color Contrast

When a stylist knows how to work with color, they can create magic. They can use a combination of dark and light shades to create the illusion of volume. Go for a mix of highlights and lowlights, pairing colors that complement each other and create depth.

If your hair is naturally straight and flat, you don't have to just live with it. Use these five no-fail tips to banish the flatness and pump up the volume!

Author: Andrea Reyes

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