How To Make My Hair Look Silky

Silky hair is highly sought after and rarely achieved, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, there are several foolproof tricks you can use to boost your hair’s silk appeal instantly. And in this article, we’ll introduce you to all of them. Soon, you’ll have some super-effective tips to incorporate into your haircare regimen for max silkiness.  

Deep Condition Your Locks

The best way to make sure your hair looks soft and silky is to give it plenty of moisture. Deep conditioners are an excellent way to do this because they sink into your strands and nourish them from the inside out. Additionally, deep conditioners have a high concentration of health and strength-promoting ingredients. For the best results, deep condition your hair once or twice a week.

Do a Clarifying Treatment

If your hair has lost its usual luster, there’s a chance you have developed buildup on your strands. When your hair isn’t adequately cleansed on a regular basis, a thin layer of residue from products, hard water, or debris accumulates on your hair. This residue can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. Luckily, clarifying shampoos and treatments can cut through the stubborn stuff. Want to prevent the buildup from coming back in the future? Repeat the clarifying treatment monthly and install a hard water filter on your showerhead.

Brush Your Hair with a Boar Bristle Brush

While brushing your hair 100 times a day is overkill, regular brushing can lead to healthier, silky-smooth tresses. Brushing your hair helps redistribute your natural oils from your scalp all the way down to the ends of your hair. Keep in mind that excessive brushing can damage your strands, so be careful not to overdo it. Avoid brushing your locks for more than a few minutes once or twice a day. The type of brush you use is also crucial in preventing breakage and split ends, so stick with gentle natural fibers, like boar bristle brushes.

Wash Your Hair Correctly

Although it’s easy to forget, washing your hair improperly can do more harm than good. It strips your hair of moisture and leaves it looking dry, dull, and damaged. Ready for a crash course on washing your hair the right way? When shampooing your hair, focus your attention on your scalp rather than the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. You should also avoid washing your hair more than two or three times a week and never rinse your hair with hot water.

Use A Shine-Enhancing Product

Applying a shine-enhancing pomade or serum can instantly smooth and soften your locks while giving them some serious shine. Additionally, many shine-enhancing products contain ingredients that fight frizz and keep your strands silky smooth all day. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Too much product will leave your hair stringy and greasy, so remember: a little goes a long way!

If you want silky hair, you need to ensure your hair care routine is providing your strands with all the TLC they need. Use high-quality products, and make sure your hair is clean, moisturized, and strengthened. We hope that one of the solutions that we’ve mentioned in this article is just what you need to get the silky locks you’ve been dreaming of!


Author: Andrea Reyes

Andrea is a mother, wife, writer, and natural hair enthusiast of 15 years. Currently on her natural hair journey, she’s been trying countless products and techniques to understand and embrace her natural hair. She is the creator of, a new website featuring informative articles that share tips, tricks, and techniques aimed to help others learn to love their hair through proper hair care. She writes with the hope of making hair care easier to understand and implement.

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