How to Moisturize and Hydrate Your Hair

You know that having healthy hair means having well-moisturized, hydrated tresses. That doesn’t exactly answer the question of how to moisturize your hair, though. While your scalp produces its own natural oils, called sebum, there are tons of reasons why your hair may still be dry, dull, and overall lacking moisture. Once you learn how to avoid drying out your hair and how to properly moisturize it, you’ll be able to rock luscious locks that even Aphrodite herself would be jealous of.

Avoid these Five (5) Hair Routines to Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Be proactive, not reactive! The first step in making sure your hair is hydrated is to cut out all the habits and products that inhibit moisture retention. Avoid these things like the plague to restore the moisture balance in your hair.

1.) Heat styling

Those elevated temperatures that give you smooth, sleek styles can also be the culprit behind your dry hair. High temps can strip your hair of natural oils, and if you  use heat to style too frequently, it becomes difficult to compensate for that loss. Scale back on heat styling to see a change in your hair’s moisture levels.

2.) Sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals

Harsh chemicals and preservatives like sulfates and parabens can oftentimes be found in your shampoo and styling products. Although they effectively clean hair, they also strip moisture from your tresses, leaving you prone to breakage. Opt for natural shampoos and conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals.

3.) Wet brushing

Hello, split ends! We’ll admit, it seems a heck of a lot easier to detangle when hair is wet. However, brushing and combing hair in this vulnerable state can damage your hair and hair shafts, making it difficult for your hair’s natural oils to distribute across your hair properly.

4.) Excessive color treatments

You look great with that splash of color. You really do. But repeated salon visits with ingredients like bleach and ammonia can quickly lead to severe damage to your hair. Instead, consider more natural color alternatives like hair wax or henna.

5.) Skipping Conditioner

For whatever reason, when we’re having wash day in a rush, conditioner is the first thing to go. Don’t ditch the conditioner - it’s a crucial step in moisturizing your hair, especially after using a stripping shampoo.

Four (4) Tips to Hydrate and Moisturize Your Hair

Now that you know which naughty hair things not to indulge in, you’re probably wondering: how can I hydrate my hair? First, let’s keep in mind the differences between hydration and moisturization; they’re two common terms in the haircare world, but they’re not quite the same thing. Hydration is the absorption of water and moisture, while moisturizing focuses on trapping said water. Long story short, you want your hair and scalp to be able to absorb and trap moisture.

Hot Oil Treatments

Not only are hot oil treatments a great way to absorb oil into your hair shaft, they’re also a great way to feel like a million bucks. The warmth of the oil helps absorb the oils into your hair, making this a wonderful moisturization method. After covering your hair with the hot oil and leaving it for about a half hour or so, be sure to rinse it out with your fave natural shampoo.

Hair Steaming Sessions

With all the extra gunk added to many shampoos, it begs the question: can I hydrate my hair without washing it? You sure can! Hair steaming adds a certain amount of moisture to your hair without you having to step into the shower. It rejuvenates even the driest of tresses, and curly girls can also use steam to combat shrinkage. Do expensive salon visits have you asking yourself ‘how can I moisturize my hair at home?’ It’s your lucky day! There are now tons of options for at-home steamers, as well as handheld options that do the job just as well.

A Light Misting

Our parents have been telling us to drink more water since our conception. But what about putting it in our hair? Can water hydrate your hair? Mom and dad would be happy to know that it absolutely can. If you find your hair looking dull or limp, try a liberal spritzing of just water. You may find that the extra moisture, while simple, can boost your hair’s hydration and overall look in seconds.

Leave In Conditioner

Leave in conditioner is one of the best, if not the best way to add moisture anytime, anywhere. Natural leave in conditioners in particular are packed with nutrient-dense oils that help your hair stay moisturized, frizz-free and healthy. So what is the best natural moisturizer for hair? We’re so glad you asked.

Daily Dose is a non-greasy, lightweight leave in that’s free of those nasty sulfates and parabens. It doubles as a detangler, leaving hair soft, smooth and shiny - and most importantly, healthy! The best part? It’s cruelty free, which means no fuzzy creatures had to die for you to look fly.

Author: Celina Dixon

Celina is a writer and graphic designer who loves all things beauty, health, and fitness. Being a curly naturalista herself, she loves to help other women care for their tresses. When she’s not at work writing and designing, she can be found in her Metro Atlanta home playing video games and cuddling with her dog.





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