How to Take Care of Your Hair at Home During Quarantine

Day 5,532 of quarantine is getting to us all. It was all fun and games maybe for the for week or two, not going to work or leaving home, binge watching shows and eating snacks all day, but as each week begins  to slowly pass us by, our hair is still growing. For some of us, our true colors are showing with 3-inch-long dark roots, and we are in desperate need of a trim.

As bad as we need a trip to the salon, at home appointments are out of the question. For most parts of the country, shelter in place has been extended for another month. And those who live in areas where they are starting Phase 1 of opening businesses back up, it is still going to be weeks before you can get an appointment. (I know because I tried calling today, and I must wait another month before my stylist can get me in!)

So, to get you by until we can get back to normal, here are a few stay at home hair care tips.

Stay at Home Hair Care Tips

1. At Home Hair Color: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The first thing when it comes to coloring your hair at home is to do your homework. Before buying any brand of color, research the ingredients and read reviews. Also, get in touch with your stylist. They might be offering at home kits with products your hair is familiar with.

Plus, now is not the time to get extreme. Avoid any drastic changes to your hair color. Once you have picked a color, thoroughly read the directions. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to watch a video or two on how to color your hair at home, especially if this is your first time.

2. Trim If You Must

Without a haircut, split ends are only going to get worse. If you absolutely must cut your hair and you feel comfortable with it, give yourself a light trim. In other words, cut little snips at a time using on the very ends of the scissors.

3. Add Some Moisture

Using natural ingredients that you have on hand at home such as coconut oil, bananas, honey, aloe vera, and eggs are great for making DIY hair mask. All of that added moisture leads to stronger hair, less breakage, and more shine.

Making a hair mask at home is a fun, cheap, and easy way to really give your hair a moisture boost without breaking the bank. After you let it sit for 20-30 minutes and wash it out, don’t forget to add your Daily Dose Leave-In Conditioner at the end to lock in that moisture.

There is a silver lining to staying home. As far as the overall health of hair, many of you may find that your hair is actually thriving right now. We aren’t subjecting our hair to heat tools or blow drying.  And since we can go longer without washing it, because who is going to see us anyway, this has been a great time for hair to grow and get a much-needed break.


Author: Jessica Biggs

Jessica is a wife, mother, teacher, writer, and marketer. Like a moth to a flame, she is drawn to all things pretty, sparkly, and shiny and believes there is no such thing as natural beauty. When she is not working, in her spare time she dreams of the day where all she has to do is lay on a beach somewhere and endless frozen concoctions with little pink umbrellas are served to her on a silver platter. Until then, she will just settle for summers in the backyard. You can follow her on twitter @jessbiggs11 or Facebook @jessicadillardbiggs

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