How To Wear My Hair While Exercising

How do you get the most out of your workouts and look great at the same time? Choose the right hairstyle, of course! Not every hairstyle pairs well with workouts, though, and that’s where we come in. This article will introduce you to the best hairstyles to rock as you work your way to your best physique.

Low Bun or Ponytail

low bun

Go simple and you’ll never go wrong – that’s the philosophy behind the low bun and low ponytail. These styles keep your hair away from your face and prevent long strands from interfering with your workout.
All you have to do to get this style is pull all of your hair back towards the nape of your neck. Secure your hair with a hair tie, and you’re set! To create a bun, wrap your ponytail around itself to form a ball and keep it in place with a second hair tie.

Two French Braids

french braids

Braids are a true gym staple, and for good reason. This chic look is perfect for working out and cute enough to wear both inside and outside the gym. Like the other hairstyle on this list, French braids keep your strands from getting in the way so that you can focus on what’s important: your workout.
Simply part your hair straight down the middle. Then, braid each side straight back until you reach the ends of your hair. Use a hair tie to keep the braids from unraveling, and you’re done!

High Pony

high pony

Take a trip to any gym, and you’re bound to see a ton of people wearing high ponytails. This style keeps your hair off your sweaty face and back, so you don’t have to pause your workout to deal with stray hairs. And it couldn’t be simpler to do!
To create a high pony, brush or comb your hair towards the top of your head. Once you’ve gathered your hair, use a ponytail holder to keep everything in place.

Messy Bun

messy bun

Messy never looked so good, and the photo above is the proof. A messy bun is an easy-to-do style that is perfect for anyone looking for a universally flattering gym-ready hairstyle.
Want to give it a try? Just pull all of your hair into a ponytail and twist your hair around its base. The looser you wrap your hair, the messier your bun will turn out. Once you’re satisfied, secure your bun with a hair tie. You can use bobby pins to tame stray hairs or pull out a few face-framing pieces to soften the look.

Space Buns

space buns

A tried-and-true workout favorite, space buns are an edgy way to keep your hair from getting everywhere and soaking up sweat. The best part? Once your workout is over, you’ll be left with plenty of gorgeous curls and waves.
To create space buns, just use a comb to split your hair down the middle. On both sides, gather your hair into a ponytail. Wrap the length of your hair around the base of the ponytail to create a bun, and secure everything with a hair tie or bobby pins.
While exercising, your main goal should be to keep your hair out of the way and away from your sweaty skin. In addition to making you more comfortable, this will help protect your strands from the drying effects of sweat. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to best style your hair for your next workout.


Author: Andrea Reyes

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