Who Started the Feather Hair Trend?

There are tons of hair accessories you can use to take your styles to the next level, like headbands, head wraps, and clips. But one hair accessory that you may not be familiar with is hair feathers, which are making an appearance on catwalks and gracing celebrity manes. If you’re wondering where this trend got its start, you’re in the right place. This article will fill you in on who started the feather hair trend, and how you can join in on the fun.

How Did the Feather Hair Trend Originate?

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Though most people believe that Native Americans wore feathers first, there is some evidence that the Neanderthals started the feather fashion trend. It was several centuries later before the native tribes began using them for their headdresses and other attire. Over the centuries, feathers were used for masquerade masks, boas, flapper outfits, and so much more.

The current hair feather trend is a few decades old, starting in the ‘70s with musicians, artists, movie stars, and other celebrities who added a few feathers to their hair for a unique edge. Ten years later, hipsters added hair feathers to their bohemian attire for some timeless fashion and charm.

Are Hair Feathers Back in Style?

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Since the hippie days, hair feathers have gained considerable popularity. They are perfect for those who want to add color in their hair without risking the damage of highlights and other hair color treatments. Women of all ages and backgrounds have embraced this trend to show off their personality and give their hair new life.

How to Get the Hair Feather Look

The hair feather look is easy to achieve since you don’t need any specific hair type or length to pull it off. You can add long feathers to your full-length hair, layering as many of them in as you like for the look and color effect you desire.

Short, fluffy feathers can be used with medium to long hair. You can place them a couple of inches away from your scalp or behind the ears. This allows the feathers to blend in with the rest of the hair. You can also leave the feathers loose or incorporate long hair feather extensions into braids, twists, and buns as you see fit.

Where to Get Hair Feathers

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Though hair feathers aren’t as common as other hair accessories, they aren’t as difficult to find as you may think. Many salons carry hair feather extensions; you can find hair feathers online on Etsy, Amazon, or at large online stores. Even big-box stores may have hair feathers in stock.

How Long do Hair Feathers Last?

How long hair feathers last depends on how often you wear them. If you are using clip-on feathers that you remove each day, they will last for quite a while. For hair feather extensions that you leave in all the time, you may be able to wear them for about eight weeks before they start to look worn.

For those interested in trying something new, hair feathers are a great way to add some exciting and colorful embellishments to your favorite styles. We hope that this article has been enlightening to you and that you’ll give hair feathers a try!



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