Haircare Hacks for Type 1 Hair

Some people think type 1 hair is easy breezy and problem-free, but that’s just not the case. This hair type comes with its own set of nuances and problems that can make it difficult to manage. That’s why people with type 1 hair are always looking for ways to make hair care and styling easier. In this article, we’ll share with you the top 3 type 1 hair hacks you need for efficient, stress-free haircare. 

What’s Type 1 Hair?

Type 1 hair is also known as straight hair. Though this seems rather straightforward, there are actually a few sub-types to this hair type: 

  • Type 1A hair has no curls or waves, and it is almost impossible to add any to it.

  • Type 1B hair is still straight, but it has a bit more body than 1A hair and can be curled with the right tools. 

  • Type 1C hair is somewhat thicker and coarser than 1A or 1B hair but still straight. It also tends to get frizzy in humid conditions.

Type 1 Hair Hacks

In spite of the differences between the subtypes of straight hair, there are several hacks that can be used for all of them. If you follow these tips, you’ll be on track towards unlocking a new and better version of your hair. 

Follow A Proper Cleansing Routine

Straight hair tends to be oily, especially at the scalp, which can weigh down your hair. To fix this, do the following: 

  • Use a lightweight shampoo with volumizing capabilities to remove the excess oil and minimize hair flatness. Ideally, your conditioner should have the same volumizing properties. Note: You should only use conditioner on the ends of your hair to avoid weighing it down at the crown. 

  • Rather than washing your hair every day, skip a day or two in between washes. The less you wash your hair, the less your scalp will be stimulated to produce more oil. Soon after making the change, your hair will look and feel oily. But over time, your scalp will produce less oil. 

  • Use a dry shampoo between washes to soak up excess oil. 

  • Clarify your hair once a week or two to remove oil and product buildup.

Choose and Use Your Styling Products Carefully

Styling type 1 hair can be notoriously difficult and produce unexpected results. So, do the following to make it easier: 

  • Choose your styling products with the same care that you picked your cleansing products. They should offer volume and hold to keep your style looking its best without leaving your hair stiff and oily. Of course, styling products don’t work wonders, so don’t overuse them in an attempt to create an impossible style.

  • Smaller amounts of hairspray or finishing spray can help hold your hair in place without leaving behind excessive buildup. 

  • To add some extra texture to your hair, spray your holding spray into your hands and scrunch it into your wet or dry hair.

Know When to Use Styling Tools

Choosing the right hair tools is a must with Type 1 hair. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Use your hands. Flip your hair over and rough it up with your hands to add volume as you blow-dry.

  • Leave the round brush out of the mix until the hair is almost dry, and only use it to smooth the ends. 

  • Install velcro rollers at your crown and then blow-dry. It will give you some extra volume.

It can be difficult to manage type 1 hair, but it is not impossible if you know a few tricks. The hacks we described will give your hair the volume boost it needs without leaving it greasy-looking. Good luck with your hair! 



Author: Andrea Reyes

Andrea is a mother, wife, writer, and natural hair enthusiast of 15 years. Currently on her natural hair journey, she’s been trying countless products and techniques to understand and embrace her natural hair. She is the creator of, a new website featuring informative articles that share tips, tricks, and techniques aimed to help others learn to love their hair through proper hair care. She writes with the hope of making hair care easier to understand and implement.

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