Type 1a Hair (Pin Straight Hair) & How to Care for Type 1a Hair

What is Type 1a Hair?

Hair can be tricky especially when it is broken down into smaller categories. There are multiple different classifications and it is important to know where your hair fits in so you can determine your perfect hair care and maintenance routine. Within type 1 hair there is 1a, 1b, and 1c. So let’s get right into it with type 1a hair. Type 1a hair, simply put, is hair that is without any sort of curl pattern or definition. To break it down, this hair type is widely classified as pin straight, shiny, and fine. Type 1a hair is defined by straight, fine strands and is surprisingly particularly rare. If this sounds like your hair type you may lack the ability to hold a curl and constantly find that your hair produces excess amounts of oil and shine. Type 1a hair ranges only slightly with the strand definition. This hair type ranges from fine to to superfine in thickness and normal to thin in volume.

Blessed with the best

Although having type 1a hair may seem like a drag, being devoid of curl or body, this hair type can typically have natural health and ability to grow from the production of oils that are produced from the hair shaft. Type 1a hair requires little maintenance in terms of styling. You will never wake up with any frizz or unkempt curls which can definitely be a blessing in disguise.

Type 1a Hair Care Tips

Since type 1a hair is so stick thin it can be prone to lack of volume and limpness. There are a few little tricks you can add into your every day routine to aide with this issue of deflating and dullness:

  • If using heating tools, it is best to blow dry your hair upside down to create that extra oomph of volume.
  • It is also best to limit your hair washing, I would encourage two to three times a week. This will help prevent excess shine that is naturally produced by your hair follicles.
  • On the days you do not wash your hair, it is crucial to keep the shine down. Keeping this in mind, it is best to keep dry shampoo or baby powder on hand to combat that shine when it starts to appear. Dry shampoo is best applied before bed to allow the powder to absorb the shine being released from the sebaceous glands.

The simpler the better when it comes to hair care products to use on type 1a hair.

  • It is best to avoid heavy products on type 1a hair since the hair is naturally prone to excess grease and shine.
  • Light spritzes or leave in conditioners, such as Daily Dose, are key for styling and fighting off excess oil.
  • When it comes to shampoo and conditioner your new best friend will be products promoting volume and definition.
  • Overall, regardless of your hair type, it is crucial to treat your hair with care and patience to promote healthy and rich locks.

Daily Dose is a perfect product for type 1 hair – it provides texture and shine while making your hair easy to style. The cruelty-free non-greasy formula combats oil and keeps your hair perfectly moisturized. Daily Dose is a great product to simplify your beauty routine and help you create the evasive “effortless” look. Get Your Daily Dose Leave-In Conditioner Here!

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Hey, Thanks for sharing the information on how to care for straight hair.

Straight Hair

Hey, Thanks for sharing the information on how to care for straight hair.

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