Type 1b Hair (Straight Hair w/Medium Texture) & How to Care for 1b Hair

What is Type 1b Hair?

With so many different hair types it is hard to define just exactly what your hair is. There are four determining attributes to help you define your hair type. The four different attributes are shape, diameter, porosity, and elasticity. Type 1b hair is the most common out of all type 1 hair. Type 1b is completely different from type 1a hair being categorized as hair that has medium texture. Similar to type 1a hair, type 1b can still have a lot of shine and straightness to it, but does naturally have some body and volume to it. Unlike type 1a, 1b can hold a curl or two and keep its defined body and texture. Like all type 1 hair, type 1b has a tendency to hold onto grease in the scalp which causes the hair to get greasy quickly. However, if properly managed and maintained, the natural oil in the hair can transform into silky, beautiful locks.

So Type 1b or 1c hair?

Type 1b and 1c hair can largely be mistaken for one another. To break it down simply, 1b hair still has very shiny and straight characteristics, but has more coarseness and texture. While 1c is still straight, but is characterized by being extremely thick and coarse with a lot of volume and texture. Type 1b hair still has definite sleek shine and straightness to it, while 1c has natural frizz and waviness. Type 1c hair tends to curve at the end, but is definitely still categorized as straight. The frizziness of 1c hair is one of the easiest ways to help determine whether your hair falls in category 1b or 1c. If both hair types are combed out, type 1b hair will lose all wave, whilst 1c can still hold a slight wave.

Type 1b Hair Care Tips

  • Vitamin E Supplements can be a great source to maintain the shiny look and texture that is typically associated with type 1 hair.
  • When showering and using shampoo and conditioner, be sure to only apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair avoiding your scalp. This will help to keep the grease down and allow you to minimize the amount of times in between hair washing.
  • Type 1b hair can naturally have slight kinks and small waves so it is important that if you choose to use hair tools you use heat protectors first and foremost.
  • Using a clarifying shampoo once a week will help to balance and manage the excess oils that your hair holds.
  • It is important to use light creams or gels to hold product and sulphate free shampoo.
  • The most vital thing you can do to maintain type 1b hair is to avoid chemically processed oils and silicone serums that can heavily weigh down this naturally straight hair.

 Overall, type 1 hair can be easiest to maintain out of all hair types, but it does take maintenance and time to ensure you achieve the best results.

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