Type 2a Hair (Slightly Wavy, Loose S) & How to Care for Type 2a Hair

What exactly is Type 2 Hair?

Type 2 hair is classified as a wavy texture that is in between the spectrum of curly and straight hair. Type 2 can range from loose type loops to coarser and thick shaped S waves, slightly tighter in wave texture and curl. Type 2 hair tends to get wavier as it gets further down from the roots. Type 2 hair is distinguished by three separate categories: 2a, 2c, and 2b. To break it down simply, type 2a has slight waves, 2b has soft waves, and 2c has defined waves.

Knowing where your hair fits in in this spectrum of categories is important because you will be able to select the right products and hair regimen that work for you. Curly and wavy hair can be tricky because it is harder to define which type of wave or curl you have.

What is Type 2a Hair?

Type 2a hair has the loosest shape S pattern out of the three types of wave style. Type 2a hair is in the wavy hair spectrum falling between curly and straight strands. This hair type is overall the most manageable and low maintenance, but is the thinnest in body. However, you want to ensure that you do not weigh it down with heavy hair products.

You definitely want to avoid the fluffy and limp style and texture that 2a hair can be naturally prone to. Type 2a hair works best slightly shorter to provide more volume and added texture to your natural waves. A shorter hair style will also create the illusion of a fuller, thicker set of locks.

So what am I supposed to use on these wild waves?

I know first hand what bed head waves can look like and they are not exactly ‘effortless’. The easiest way to enhance your natural waves while still keeping that ‘au natural’ vibe is by using proper styling tools. A simple heat protectant spray followed by a waving wand can add that missing touch to your locks. A 1.5 inch curling iron is the perfect tool if you want to add even more curl to your waves. The messier the curl the more your natural wave will shine through. Styling tools are overall a great addition for 2a hair due to the inconsistent bends and curls.

The biggest mistake that you can make with type 2a hair is weighing it down with product to deflate your natural wave texture and body. It is crucial that you find the right products for your hair to enhance your natural volume. The most important products to keep in your shower are clean shampoo and conditioner with frizz free volume quality.  A light defining gel can also be a great addition to your hair care routine to tame the frizz and prevent that extra weight.

Out of all hair types one thing is for sure, curly or wavy hair can be unpredictable so it is important to know exactly your type and products that work best for your hair.

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