Type 2b Hair (Medium Wavy, Prominent S) & How to Care for Type 2b Hair

What is hair type 2b?

Type 2b hair is the next classification in type 2 hair. With a more medium texture, this hair type is defined by a slightly more prominent S shape to the hair strand and resembles loose beach like waves with not as much of a ‘bounce’ curl. If you are a little confused as to whether you have type 2b hair, let me break it down into simple terms. If your hair is defined by being mostly flat and straight at the roots, but gets wavier and holds an ’S’ shape towards the end, then you can confidently claim type 2b hair as your own. Those natural beach like waves that so many search for is exactly what 2b hair resembles. These beach waves can often show added frizz and unruliness if not properly cared for.

Is my hair 2a or 2b?

Type 2a hair is far more fine and lifeless than 2b hair. This hair type can easily become weighed down with product and lack volume at the root. Type 2a hair is far easier to straighten and transform. Type 2b hair is slightly flatter at the crown like 2a, but holds thicker strands that have more wave and texture from root to base. If wanting to straighten and remove waves from 2b hair, you will have to put in much more effort than 2a hair.

On the other end of the styling spectrum 2b hair has much stronger curl. So how exactly do you get these curls with 2b hair?  The simplest way to enhance this natural hair texture, while adding more bounce and curl, is by using a diffuser. A simple diffuser attachment to your regular hair dryer will not only decrease your drying time, but also enhance your natural curl pattern with added volume and texture.

How do you take care of type 2b hair?

If you have type 2b hair you can definitely relate to the unruly frizz that can occur the second there is a change in the weather. Since type 2b hair is in between curl and wave, the frizziness gets even more real and challenging. With this frizz, your new best friend will be moroccan oil and a good smoothing serum. Type 2b hair can also be prone to more tangling which leads to knots and split ends. With a small amount of both products, you can combat that frizz and heaviness whilst showing of your new smooth, bouncy locks.

What are 2b waves? How can I make my 2b hair look good?

Type 2b hair looks best the more effortless and messy the wave is. For type 2b hair, it is best to use a smoothing and frizz free shampoo and conditioner. If you are looking to put in the least amount of effort possible, it is best to keep type 2b hair at a medium length to avoid the weigh down of long waves or frizziness of short waves. Adding multiple layers throughout can aide in the texture and bounce of the natural wave body.

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