What is Type 2 Hair and How to Style and Care for Type 2 Hair

Unlike other hair types, wavy hair is often misclassified as curly hair. But like straight hair and curly hair, wavy hair is a type all by itself. It’s really the best of both worlds when it comes to hair types.  

With wavy hair, you have probably noticed that the weather plays a huge role in your curl patterns. Odds are in the summertime, your hair is curlier due to higher humidity but as the seasons change, dry winter air causes your hair to become straighter or flat-looking.  

Having a better understanding of your exact hair type can be a huge game-changer when it comes to styling. Plus, it makes selecting the right products much easier.

What is the Difference Between Wavy Hair and Curly Hair?

Curly hair has more defined curls like ringlets, while wavy hair makes more of an “s” shape pattern. Also, wavy hair tends to bend further away from the scalp while curly hair coils up closer to the root.

What is Type 2 Hair?

There are three main types of wavy hair. Type 2 is the “in-between” hair type. It’s not completely straight nor is it completely curly. It’s not too dry, nor is it too oily. You can tell if your hair is Type 2 by looking at the curl pattern.

  • Type 2A is fine and thin with a loose S pattern, and it’s generally easy to manage.

Type 2A

  • Type 2B is medium thickness with a more defined S shape, prone to frizz and harder to manage.

Type 2B

  • Type 2C is coarse and thick with a prominent S pattern, almost curly, and it’s difficult to style.

Type 2C

Type 2 hair is often frizzy, but it’s typically not overly oily or too dry. Naturally wavy hair curls in an S shape determined by the number of bonds formed between the keratin protein in the hair shaft. Understanding your hair type is the first step in figuring out the styles and products that are right for your hair.

What are the Best Styles for Type 2 Hair?

You’ve seen the advertisements and social media posts showing off the coveted “beach hair” look. Those models have type 2 wavy hair. If you share their hair type, then your locks can be curled or straightened. But – as you are well aware – without the right styling or haircut, your type 2 hair easily appears lifeless.

For type 2 hair, a one-length haircut is ideal. Layering could make your hair seem too thin, especially if you go back and forth between straight and wavy styles. Type 2 hair usually does best in a long or medium-length cut.

What is the Best Hair Care for Type 2 Hair?

Frizz is the biggest challenge for type 2 hair, making it difficult to manage. If it’s not styled properly, type 2 hair simply looks messy. To keep your waves looking their best, you need unique hair care tailored to your type 2 hair.

One way to cut down on frizz is to skip towel-drying your hair. While it’s completely natural to hop out of the shower and towel dry your freshly-washed tresses, doing so actually damages your wavy hair and creates more frizz. Instead of reaching for the towel, wring out your hair before you get out of the shower. Then let it drip-dry or, if you’re in a hurry, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. If you can’t give up the towel, choose a bamboo or microfiber hair towel over rough cotton options.

Another frizz-creating culprit is your hairbrush. When your hair is wet, use a wide-tooth comb to avoid dreaded frizz. Better yet, skip combing your hair and simply scrunch your hair with a wavy hair-friendly product.

What is Daily Dose?

If you’re still searching for the right product for your type 2 wavy hair, try Daily Dose™ Leave-In Conditioner.

Spray this cruelty-free mist into your hair to smooth frizz and make your wavy hair soft to the touch. Daily Dose won’t weigh down your waves or cause buildup. Just spray, twist your hair into its desired shape, and get the look you want without the frizz. Embrace the timeless beauty of your naturally wavy hair while giving your sexy S-shaped tresses the TLC they need.

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I have 2B wavy hair (medium thickness) and coarse as well. My length is a little bit above my shoulder ( collarbone lob). My hair is on the drier side as well as frizzy. It gets big extremely fast especially in humidity. It looks like a triangle. I know short layers only make my hair bigger. Should I get long layers or keep it one length and just let it grow out a little more.


I am Tinaangel, I came across your blog, it’s interesting to gain information regarding type 2 hair and it will be useful for 4c curly hair too.


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