What Type of Hair Do I Have? Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 or Type 4?

How to Determine Your Hair Type

Thick or thin, straight or wavy, curly or kinky. There’s more to your hair than just those simple descriptions. And the more you know about the hair type, the better your treatment of your hair will become, letting you rock gorgeous, healthy tresses.

Your hair falls into one of four main categories defined by Andre Walker, a celebrity hairstylist with decades of experience. Each hair type consists of three subtypes to describe your unique hair characteristics. Once you identify your hair type, you’ll know exactly what your hair needs to look its best.

Type 1 Hair (Straight)

If you have straight hair, then you are part of the type 1 hair club.

Type 1A hair is super straight and fine, and it’s often difficult to style. If you’re not careful your type 1A strands could look limp and greasy. Stick to lightweight conditioners to avoid overly oily hair, and keep dry shampoo on hand in case your mane needs a style boost partway through the day.

Type 1B hair has a fuller body than type 1A, but each lock of hair is still very straight. You can quickly add volume with a texturizing spray focused on the roots before styling with a flat iron or blow dryer.

Type 1C hair is thick and mostly straight, yet some waves may be hiding underneath. That’s why type 1C hair holds curls the best of all type 1 hair. The downside of this extra texture is that this hair type is prone to frizz, especially in humid weather.

Type 2 Hair (Wavy)

Wavy hair falls into the type 2 hair category, whether it’s barely too wavy to be straight or not quite curly.

Type 2A hair has loose bendy strands that are easy to straighten or curl. To maximize your type 2A waves, air dry your hair and touch up any drooping sections with a curling iron.

Type 2B hair is the perfect example of the classic beach hair look. The naturally textured waves can feel frizzy or crunchy without proper moisture. Try a lightweight leave-in conditioner to make your waves soft and shiny without weighing them down.

Type 2C hair is thick and voluminous with a few budding curls in the mix. Straightening type 2C hair is a challenge, but rocking your natural waves is simple with a quality leave-in conditioner and finger-styling.

Type 3 Hair (Curly)

From ringlets to spirals, curly hair belongs in the type 3 hair group.

Type 3A hair has big, loose curls with some strands that are more wavy than curly. Heat styling can easily damage type 3A hair. To attain the best curl definition, use a moisturizing spray and scrunch up your wet curls with a soft microfiber towel.

Type 3B hair is full of stretchy spiral curls that flow down from the scalp. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner and air dry your hair to achieve frizz-free bouncy curls.

Type 3C hair is thick with corkscrew curls. Your coils could be as tight as a plastic straw or as wide as a whiteboard marker. Type 3C hair has great volume, but frizz and flyaway strands are a constant struggle. Use a cleansing conditioner whenever you wash your hair, and keep your curls moisturized between washes with a daily leave-in conditioner.

How to Manage Type 3 (Curly) Hair Overview

Type 4 Hair (Coily, Kinky)

The type 4 hair club includes everything from coarse, kinky coils to beautifully bushy afros. The biggest struggle for type 4 hair is keeping it adequately moisturized.

Type 4A hair is made up of tightly coiled miniature curls. When it’s wet, type 4A hair stretches out to its full length. When dry, the curls shrink to about half their original length. Use a high-quality leave-in conditioner to keep your hair soft and smooth.

Type 4B hair is full of kinky coils, but maintaining curl definition is a challenge. The natural dryness of type 4B tendrils leads to extreme frizz. Daily leave-in conditioner treatments are a must for type 4B hair.

Type 4C hair is dense and thick without a distinctive curl pattern. Afros are the most common style for this hair type, and detangling kinky type 4C hair is a challenge. A solid deep conditioning regimen and daily moisturizing help you maintain a well-defined look for your type 4C coils.

How to Manage Type 4 (Coily, Kinky) Hair

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