Are Leave In Conditioners Bad for Hair?

Leave-in conditioners are not bad for the hair. Rather, they are very good for the hair. 

Leave-in conditioners impart nourishment to the hair that other styling products do not. 

They are good for the hair for the following reasons: 

  1. They help to give moisture to thirsty strands. 
  2. They add shine to dull hair. 
  3. They strengthen weak and brittle hair. 
  4. They aid in detangling hair that may be prone to tangling. 
  5. They also soften coarse hair. 

Some may think that leave-in conditioners are bad for the hair because of misinformation.

What are some myths and facts about leave-in conditioners?

Myth: Leave-in conditioners cause buildup on the hair and scalp and weigh the hair down. 

Fact: Leave-in conditioners in general should not cause buildup on the scalp as long as the scalp is cleaned regularly. Some leave-in conditioners are formulated with heavier ingredients than others, so it is important to choose a leave-in conditioner that is best for your hair type. 

Myth: Leave-in conditioners make your hair worse in the long run. 

Fact: Leave-in conditioners are not all created equal. Some leave-in conditioners are formulated with unnatural ingredients that do not deeply nourish your hair - these ingredients (some silicones, alcohols, sulfates, and more) could hurt your hair in the long run. However, not all leave-in conditioners are created with these harsh ingredients.

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