Can You Put Leave In Conditioner on Dry Natural Hair?

Yes, you can put leave-in conditioner on dry natural hair. 

Usually, leave-in conditioner is to be used on damp hair when you’ve just jumped out of the shower. However, there are some leave-in conditioners that can be used on dry hair. For conditioners that you will use as a style refresher, it’s usually fine to use it on dry hair. 

However, some leave-in conditioners should not be used on dry hair, and should instead be used on wet or damp hair. 

Be sure to read the instructions on your leave-in conditioner to determine whether it should be used on dry natural hair.

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Hello I have burned my hair over the summer so I’ve been using different leave-in conditioners I’ve been reading the ingredients I will not use anything with alcohol but can I even though I have the leave-in conditioner in my hair the next day can I spray my hair with water and put leave in conditioner and what conditioner is better the wet Spritz or the cream thank you

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