Is Leave-in Conditioner Good for Colored Hair?

Color-treated hair is much more delicate than other hair types. The coloring process dries out your strands, leaving them vulnerable to further damage. To combat this, you may be considering incorporating a leave-in conditioner into your hair care routine. But is it good for colored hair? We’ll answer that question and more in this article. 

Leave-in Conditioner is Great for Colored Hair

Coloring your hair weakens every strand, making it more brittle, stiff, and dry. That’s why leave-in conditioner is a must for colored hair. It contains a variety of ingredients that can repair the damage and add some much-needed hydration. This increases colored hair’s strength and improves its manageability. Leave-in conditioner can also help minimize color fade, reducing how often you need to color it! 

Leave-ins for Colored Hair

You shouldn’t use just any leave-in conditioner for your colored hair. This is because the coloring process opens the cuticle, making your hair much more porous than it would normally be. Though this can increase how quickly it absorbs moisture, it can lose it just as easily. So, you need a specially formulated leave-in. Here are some options you should be aware of.

Use Protein-based Leave-ins

Protein-based leave-ins are a great option to try on your colored hair. The main protein in leave-in conditioners is keratin, which makes up most of your hair’s structure. When added to a leave-in, it helps fortify and strengthen your hair, reducing breakage and split ends while protecting your hair from anything your day throws at it.

Reach for Cream-based Leave-ins

Cream-based leave-in conditioners are thicker than liquid ones, often creating a more substantial layer of moisture over the hair. These are great for thick or coarse colored hair but can be too heavy for fine hair. Creamy leave-ins are also a good option for extremely dry strands that are desperate for hydration. 

Choose Leave-ins with Oils

There’s nothing more disappointing than realizing your color is fading days after coloring it. Those high-porosity strands can leak color every time you wash your hair. The sun’s rays can also fade your color if your hair isn’t protected. Oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, and olive oil all help reduce fading by blocking out UV rays. 

Lightweight Leave-ins

Lightweight leave-ins are great for people whose hair is easily weighed down. These types of leave-ins are often available in spray form. Just because a leave-in is lightweight, that doesn’t mean that it won’t provide much-needed moisture and nourishment to your strands. It’s all in the ingredients the product contains. 

It’s important to try multiple leave-in conditioner types to find one that meshes well with your hair. 

How to Use a Leave-in on Colored Hair

You use a leave-in conditioner on colored hair the same way you would for any other hair type. Start by washing and conditioning your hair using color-safe products. Then gently squeeze the excess moisture from your hair. While it’s still damp, apply your chosen leave-in conditioner, working it through the hair, focusing on the ends. Comb it through with a wide-tooth comb, and you’re ready to style. 

Though leave-in conditioner is great for all hair types, it’s vital for colored hair, which needs extra TLC to remain healthy and protected. We hope that this article is helpful to you as you learn how to care for your hair.


Author: Andrea Reyes

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