Leave-in Conditioner Types and Instructions

Types of Leave-In Conditioner

There are many different types of leave-in conditioners. For instance, there are leave-in conditioners that are meant to be used as style-refreshers. These are to be used every day (or as often as you’d like to smooth your hair and add shine). 

There are also cream leave-in conditioners that are to be used strictly as a hair treatment. These are usually meant to be used weekly or bi-weekly. 

Leave-in Instructions

Sometimes the answer is easily found. Read your leave-in conditioner instructions. 

Often, right on the package, it will say whether you should use your leave-in conditioner daily or weekly. You can try following these instructions closely to see if the recommended frequency works for your hair. 

Plan For Use

You may find that you like to use your leave-in conditioner in a way that is contrary to its intended use. For instance, you may use a restorative leave-in conditioner as a styler. This is totally fine if you like the way that it works for your hair. In cases like this, you decide how often you want to use the leave-in conditioner. 

Note: Always make sure that you check the ingredients and instructions for your leave-in conditioner. If there are unfamiliar ingredients in the product, you may want to do a bit of research before using it more often than is recommended in the instructions.

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