What is the Purpose of Leave In Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioner has multiple purposes. According to Julie Featherman, cosmetologist and salon owner, leave-in conditioners are great for “long lasting moisturizing and fly-away control and can also act as a styling product”. 

In addition to this, leave-in conditioners impart a protective coating around the hair, making them great heat protectants. Some leave-in conditioners are formulated specifically to smooth each individual strand and add slip, making them great detanglers. 

Many leave-in conditioners have oils in them that give the hair a luxurious shine. Other leave-in conditioners are specifically formulated to make coarse hair feel and look softer. 

You may find leave-in conditioners that only have one purpose, like moisturizing the hair or softening it. These are common. Also common are leave-in conditioners that have two or three of the purposes listed earlier in this section. 

A select few leave-in conditioners exceed the majority and can be used for several to all of these purposes. To find out the purpose of a specific leave-in conditioner, take a look at the packaging; it will let you know exactly what that leave-in conditioner is to be used for. 

Source: https://www.jujusalon.com/bestlife-the-30-best-beauty-products-as-picked-by-cosmetologists/

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