How to Style a Cowlick


Does your cowlick fight back no matter what you do? Regardless of their location, cowlicks can very quickly spoil your hair styling sessions, leaving you frustrated and looking less than your best. But there’s help out there for you. In this article, we’ll share quick and easy tips to help you style your cowlick like a pro!

Use a Flat Iron

Do you tend to wear your hair in straight styles? If so, grab your flat iron - it can take care of that cowlick in seconds. Here are a few things to remember to get the best results with this method:

  • Ensure that the flat iron is hot enough to make a difference on your hair type. Coarser hair will need a higher temperature than finer hair. Start with a moderate temperature and increase it in small increments to find the right temperature for you.

  • Get the heat tool as close to your roots as possible. Cowlicks are the most stubborn at the roots. Using a small flat iron will make it easier to access your roots.

  • Use a heat protectant before heat styling. The high heat from the flat iron can permanently damage your hair’s structure and lead to issues like split ends, unmanageability, and breakage. Here are some other ways to protect your hair from heat.

  • Flat iron in small sections. 

Use Gel or Holding Spray

If you’ve tried to style your cowlick with gel or holding spray in the past, you might be thinking this isn’t going to work. But trust the process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wet your hair down completely.

  2. Apply some gel or holding spray to your cowlick. It will give you the hold you need to whip your cowlick into submission.

  3. As you style your hair, pay close attention to your cowlick, ensuring that you’re directing the hair how you want it to lay.

  4. Once your hair is in your desired style, spritz it with a holding spray for good measure.

Train Your Cowlick

Many have no idea that they can train their cowlicks to relax a bit naturally, but it’s possible! And all you need is a clip to do it. Before you hop into bed for the night, simply clip your cowlick down and into the best position for your hair styling routine. You’ll wake up in the morning with cowlick-free hair!

Try a Cowlick-Friendly Hairstyle

Certain hairstyles are better suited to cowlicks than others. If you would rather work with your cowlick than try to get rid of it, try one of the following styles:

  • Baby bangs

  • Curly styles

  • Thick bangs

So, there you have it - how to style your cowlick. We hope you found all the information you were looking for, and we wish you the best in your hair styling endeavors! Here’s a bonus tip: healthier hair is more pliable and easier to style - cowlicks included. So, to make styling even easier, we encourage you to get the right hair products in your stash. Daily Dose Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner help with manageability, styling, and overall hair health. Check them out!


Author: Andrea Reyes

Andrea is a mother, wife, writer, and natural hair enthusiast of 15 years. Currently on her natural hair journey, she’s been trying countless products and techniques to understand and embrace her natural hair. She is the creator of, a new website featuring informative articles that share tips, tricks, and techniques aimed to help others learn to love their hair through proper hair care. She writes with the hope of making hair care easier to understand and implement.


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